What’s The Difference Between The Oxford Shoe and The Derby Shoe?

What is the difference between Oxford Shoes and Derby Shoes? It’s hard to tell, but don’t worry we got you!

The Oxford Shoe

The backstory of how the Oxford shoe came about is a little bit hazy. Some say that the shoe was created by students from Oxford University who found them easier to wear than the half boot, high heeled Oxonian shoe which was the trend back then. Others say it was a natural evolution of the Oxonian shoe. Either way the Oxford shoe is now the go-to shoe for formal occasions. The difference between the Oxford shoe and the Derby shoe lies mostly in the lacing system. On an Oxford shoe the bottom of the lacing system is sewn closed and the eyelets are made on the shoe to create a smooth and clean silhouette.

The Derby Shoe

The history of the Derby shoe is also not so clear but some have said that the Derby shoe was crafted by 14th Earl of Derby’s bookmaker because Earl had big feet and found it difficult to put boots on that had a closed lacing system. Unlike the Oxford shoe the Derby shoe has an open lacing system and have the eyelets stitched on top of the vamp, making the shoe more accommodating as the laces can be adjusted.

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