What’s the Difference Between Vans’ Authentic & Era?

Two of Vans’ most popular styles, the Era and the Authentic are the shoes for both serious skateboarders and admirers of the sport. Despite being unique designs, they look confusingly similar to many of us. We’ve put together a handy guide to help discover the differences of these two icons.

The Authentic
Unchanged since its conception in 1966, the Authentic is exactly as its name suggests. The original skate shoe, the Authentic has less padding than the Era but is still a great choice for those practicing the sport thanks to its waffle sole. It is also ideal for those who just want to tap into the aesthetic side of skateboarding.


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The Era
With its extra padding and signature waffle sole, the Era is the perfect choice for skateboarders who need their feet to be protected. Both the inside of the heel and the tongue feature extra padding while the sole is softer than the Authentic. It has a skinner profile than the Authentic and if you look closely the stitching at the front is slightly more angular.

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