Getting to Know – KINGH

From fashion shoots, to recording booths, we have caught up with KINGH, ahead of the launch of her debut single ‘Another Round’.

Emily O’donnell, or ‘KINGH’, is no stranger to us. We are proud to say she is part of the TOWER fam. Having collaborated with Emily many times down the years, we are used to seeing her modelling our latest drops, partyin’ at our collab events and turning heads everywhere she goes, with a look that is all her own. Marking her arrival into the music scene, dropping one of this summer’s hottest tracks, we are even prouder to introduce you to ‘Another Round’.

Ahead of its release, we caught up with KINGH to hear more about her inspirations for the single, her musical influences and what’s next.

TOWER: Hey Emily, long time no speak! What was the inspiration for Another Round?

KINGH: The main inspiration of the single is about young love, which turns into a dark obsession. The song has been three years in the works, starting when I was in a relationship and finishing when that came to an end. It aims to tackle love from both sides, touching on subjects such as vulnerability and mental health and the struggles of being open about your emotions in a young relationship.

As you may have noticed in the lyrics, the chorus represents the good of the relationship, while the verses focus on the negative impact. I really wanted to portray this juxtaposition in my song, and I was super inspired by Bonnie & Clyde, and how love can turn into an obsession.

TWR: The video is shot just down the road from both our Shoreditch HQ and our Brick Lane store. As a local artist, your London roots are reflected in the video. What does London mean to you?

K: London means everything to me. I grew up in Milan, and there isn’t much space for young developing artists in that city, whether you do music, art, fashion, whatever it may be, so I always felt the need to come back to London. In London, I found that there was so much room for young creatives, and I felt this allowed me to explore my passions. As you know, I don’t just do music, and I found that very motivating, seeing so many young people just like myself finding their own way.

If I hadn’t moved to London, I don’t think I would be doing all these things I do today, especially music.

TWR: We’ve worked with you many times down the years and our audience are familiar with you as a model and influencer, so when did you decide to make the jump to music?

K: I’ve always wanted to do music. I done music at school back in Italy, but I never really pursued it seriously. It’s quite ‘poppy’ and commercial back there, and that’s the way they teach you to sing and I feel like I’m kind of the opposite.

When I came here, I still carried on with my art and fashion because they are my main interests, but I always knew deep down I wanted to make music. I’m still finding my sound, and I think London is the perfect place for that.

I had been hanging round with people in the music industry, and one day I just decided to buy some recording kit and start laying down some sounds, now here we are!

TWR: Use your imagination, you can collaborate with one person past or present. Who would it be and why?

K: If I could choose one person to collab with, knowing my style, I would like to work with Travis Scott. Obviously, I would love to work with the icons too, like Michael Jackson, but as of now in the direction my music is taking me, I would love to make a song with Travis Scott… Or Don Toliver!

TWR: What’s next?

K: What’s next for me. I’m working on an EP currently, but I don’t want people to think I’ve abandoned the fashion world! I’m still very much involved and will continue to do so to the best of my abilities, so let’s see where that takes me.

KINGH  x TOWER, a trip down memory lane.

Another Round is OUT NOW on all good streaming platforms. Check it out and follow Emily on Instagram. She is definitely one to watch if you aren’t already in the know.  

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