Footwear Trends 2020

New year, new decade, new trends! There’s a lot going on and a lot to keep up with, so to take the load of off you we’ve written a piece on what to expect from your favourite brands this year. Our pleasure.

Dad Shoe 2.0

The natural evolution of the Dad shoe, this year you’ll be seeing the iconic chunky sole, a lot of mesh and metallic and a combination of hiking and running styles. Is anyone else catching P.E teacher vibes?


A trend all my shorties are happy about, Platforms are here to stay for 2020. What’s even better? This year the nostalgic silhouette will only get higher.

Bold Colours

Hey, we all love a pair of all-white trainers, but this year don’t be afraid to branch out and make a statement with your footwear collection. 2020 brings bold colours and fluorescent tones to everyone’s favourite outfit-make


If someone told me 5-6 years ago that some of the collabs that appear now would ever come about, I would have laughed! But look, it’s 2020 and collaborations are big business. The sneaker market is growing with the industry expected to make $95,14 Billion by 2025. Included in those stats are much sought-after collaborations between big brands.

Strappy Sandals

From the classic Gladiators to big two-straps and chunky soles, summer 2020 will be all about straps!